American Bombshell - Fat Man

American Bombshell  - Fat Man
American Bombshell  - Fat Man
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Ten-Hut! The good Doc is rolling out its new line of artillery. Mission ready and O-Ring harness compatible! This bad boy is built for all types of action! Handmade in the United States, because you demand the best. Tried, tested and true? this is American Bombshell! Available in Gun Metal and Cherry Bomb.
- Full Head, Stimulating Design
- O-Ring Harness Compatible Base
- Built for Any Type of Action
- Phthalate-Free, Body Safe
- Totale lengte : 17,5cm
- Bruikbare lengte : 16,25cm
- Doorsnede : 6cm
- Materiaal : PVC
- Kleur : grijs
- Waterproof
- Weekmaker vrij
- Glijmiddel vriendelijk
- Gewicht incl. verpakking : 1gr
- Afmeting verpakking : 0cm x 0cm x 0cm
- Fabrikant : Doc Johnson
- Serie : American Bomb Shell
- Artikelcode fabrikant : 0270-56-CD
- EAN : 782421054847
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American Bomb Shell


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